Marlon Wayans And His Family Mourn The Loss Of Patriarch Howell: ‘Kiss Ma For Me’ | Essence (2024)

Howell Wayans passed away at the end of March, almost three years after matriarch Elvira died.

Marlon Wayans And His Family Mourn The Loss Of Patriarch Howell: ‘Kiss Ma For Me’ | Essence (1)

The Wayans family is grieving the loss of their patriarch, Howell Wayans, who died on March 31 at the age of 86. His cause of death hasn’t been revealed. Marlon, one of the youngest of the Howell’s 10 children, penned a heartfelt message to his father on social media.

“When I was a child I asked my Dad what did you want to be when [you] grew up?” he wrote in an Instagram caption under a picture of him and his father lovingly embracing one another.

“He simply said ‘I wanted to be a man’

I said ‘not a lawyer? A doctor? An actor?’

He said ‘just a man’

I said ‘but every boy becomes a man’

Dad said ‘Not true’

I asked ‘then what’s a man?’

My Dad said ‘A man takes care of himself and his responsibilities. His family is always FIRST.’

From that day on I wanted to be a MAN.”

The Wayans matriarch, Elvira died in 2020 at 81. She was a homemaker, as well as a singer at one time and a social worker. Howell was a supermarket manager when his brood was growing up.Aside from Marlon, Keenen, Damon, Kim and Dwayne were some of the other Wayans children of the deceased parents who rose to fame.

In his tribute to his father, the comedian continued, “Thank you Pop for being an example of a Man to all your boys. I pray all young black boys can grow up to be a Man like you. Baby boy loves you. And if ever I need you I know exactly where to find you… in my Bible that now sits by bed. Rest well. Kiss Ma for me. Tell her her babies miss her. I got two angels. I feel y’all lifting me already. If there’s a heaven I know you sitting in VIP sippin’ the best wine Jesus can make…”

Wayans, 50, is now grieving both of his parents, which he revealed is difficult in an interview with Good Morning America.

“In my life right now, I have so much stuff that can be depressing. I lost my mom recently, I lost my dad three days ago. I realize that the only thing that saves me is the stage,” he said during the interview. “Because when I’m hurting, those laughs that I hear from other people healing from my pain, I realize my purpose. And I think it’s important for all of us to do what comedians do, which is look at this world, look at this life, and always try to spend your life trying to find smiles. And that’s what I do on the stage.””

Elvira’s passing was also heartbreaking for the actor. In an Instagram tribute, he described her as the love of his life and birthday twin, since the mother and son shared the same birthday. The reason for her death is also unknown.He said in an interview with ESSENCE in 2021 that he never married because of his love for his mother.

“I never got married because I knew my mom needed me. Women sometimes want to battle for your attention, they want to battle for your love, they want to be the one. Me and my mama share the same birthday. I’m not trying to hear you,” he said. “I like things to bend and not break, and I feel like when you get married, you have to get divorced in order to either be separated or together,” he added. “I like friendships because you just learn each other and you just grow and you just get better.”

One of Marlon’s most recent films is the title, Air, in which he plays George Raveling, one of Michael Jordan’s coaches at the 1984 Olympics. The movie is about how Nike signed the basketball player to his historic shoe deal.

As a seasoned enthusiast in the realm of celebrity news and family dynamics, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a demonstrated understanding of the intricacies within the Wayans family. My expertise is not merely speculative but grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the events and individuals involved. Let's delve into the key concepts embedded in the provided article about the passing of Howell Wayans and Marlon Wayans' reflections.

  1. Howell Wayans' Passing:

    • Evidence of Expertise: Howell Wayans, the patriarch of the Wayans family, passed away on March 31 at the age of 86. His cause of death remains undisclosed.
    • Analysis: The article emphasizes the significance of Howell's role as a father and provider. His profession as a supermarket manager during the upbringing of his ten children, including prominent figures like Marlon, Keenen, Damon, Kim, and Dwayne, is mentioned. This sheds light on the family's background and Howell's role in it.
  2. Marlon Wayans' Tribute:

    • Evidence of Expertise: Marlon Wayans, one of Howell's sons, expressed his grief on social media with a heartfelt tribute, sharing a poignant conversation with his father.
    • Analysis: Marlon's tribute provides insights into Howell's philosophy on manhood and family values. This sheds light on the family's values and the impact of Howell's teachings on his children. Marlon's reflections showcase the emotional depth of the loss and the legacy his father leaves behind.
  3. Elvira Wayans' Passing:

    • Evidence of Expertise: Elvira Wayans, the matriarch, passed away in 2020 at the age of 81. Her multifaceted roles as a homemaker, singer, and social worker are highlighted.
    • Analysis: Elvira's diverse roles underscore the complexity of her personality. Her passing affected Marlon deeply, and he expressed his love for her in various public statements. The article mentions that the reason for her death remains unknown, leaving an element of mystery.
  4. Marlon Wayans' Personal Life:

    • Evidence of Expertise: Marlon Wayans discusses his personal struggles, including the recent loss of both parents, in an interview with Good Morning America.
    • Analysis: Marlon's coping mechanism, finding solace on the stage through comedy, provides a glimpse into his character. His reflections on the importance of laughter and purpose during challenging times add depth to the understanding of how he navigates personal grief.
  5. Marriage and Relationships:

    • Evidence of Expertise: Marlon Wayans' views on marriage and relationships, including his decision not to marry due to his commitment to his mother, are highlighted.
    • Analysis: Marlon's perspective on marriage, shared in a previous interview with ESSENCE, adds a layer of insight into his personal choices. This information gives context to his focus on friendships and the importance of flexibility in relationships.
  6. Marlon Wayans' Recent Projects:

    • Evidence of Expertise: The article mentions Marlon's recent film, "Air," where he plays George Raveling, one of Michael Jordan's coaches at the 1984 Olympics.
    • Analysis: Highlighting Marlon's recent projects, such as his role in "Air," provides a glimpse into his professional life, showcasing his versatility as an actor and his involvement in projects with historical significance.

In conclusion, my extensive knowledge of the Wayans family, coupled with a detailed analysis of the provided article, allows for a comprehensive understanding of the events, emotions, and dynamics surrounding the recent passing of Howell Wayans and its impact on Marlon Wayans and the family as a whole.

Marlon Wayans And His Family Mourn The Loss Of Patriarch Howell: ‘Kiss Ma For Me’ | Essence (2024)


When did the Wayans brothers parents pass away? ›

Howell Wayans passed away at the end of March, almost three years after matriarch Elvira died. The Wayans family is grieving the loss of their patriarch, Howell Wayans, who died on March 31 at the age of 86.

What did Howell Wayans do for a living? ›

Howell Stouten Wayans (August 26, 1936 – April 1, 2023), a supermarket manager, and his wife Elvira Alethia (née Green, July 22, 1938 – July 23, 2020), a homemaker and social worker, resided in Chelsea, New York City when they had their first child. Howell was a devout Jehovah's Witness.

Does Marlon Wayans have a wife? ›

Personal life. Wayans was in a long-term relationship with Angela Zackery from 1992 to 2013, and although he once called her his "ex-wife", he said in 2021 that he had never married. They have two children. Wayans also shares a child with his former girlfriend, Brittany Moreland.

Which Wayans brother is the richest? ›

Marlon Wayans – $15 Million. Shawn Wayans – $30 Million. Damon Wayans – $35 Million. Keenan Ivory Wayans – $65 Million.

Who is the oldest Wayans child? ›

Dwayne Wayans, 65

The eldest of all of the Wayans siblings is a film score composer.

What happened to Elvira Wayans? ›

The Wayans matriarch, Elvira, died back in July 2020, at 81 years old. Marlon paid tribute to his mother on Instagram, writing, "Losing you shattered me into 1000 pieces. I'm putting myself back together piece by piece. You will always be my glue.

Why did Lisa leave Wayans brothers? ›

Lisa and Shawn hadbroken up by season 2, with Shawn having saved enough money to open a newsstand in the Neidermeyer Building lobby near Pop's Diner. Lela Rochon had long left the series, as Lisa (her character) had moved on to other career opportunities.

Do the Wayans have the same parents? ›

The family of ten siblings, five brothers and five sisters, was born to Elvira Wayans – a homemaker and social worker – and Howell Wayans, a supermarket manager. They were raised in the neighborhood of Chelsea in New York City.


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